Enhance Your Viewing Experience With The Oppo A5S ColorOS 4.2

The Oppo A5S is one of the latest handsets from Oppo, and it packs a lot of features into its compact Android mobile. The Oppo A5S is considered to be the ideal choice for people looking for a smartphone that has everything they want in a smartphone: features, style and performance. The Oppo A5S is perfect for individuals who love taking pictures, those who like to use the camera functions of their smartphone and those who like to browse the internet using their smartphones. The device also comes with a digital camera, so you will not have to bring your phone case along when you want to snap a photo of something fantastic. In this article, I will reveal some useful information about the Oppo A5S, as well as tips on how to get the most out of the Android phone.

The Oppo A5S comes with two cameras oppo a5s – a 16 MP one on the rear and a seven megapixel one on the front. The phone comes with a dual image sensor, which allows you to take pictures in black and white or in color. On the top of the smartphone, you will see an 8 MP camera which has an auto focus as well as optical image stabilization. The phone also comes with an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate through the various options on the handset.

The second major feature of the Oppo A5S is its portrait mode. This function enables the user to take a picture of themselves in portrait mode, with the option of changing the background to any color in the spectrum. You can choose to change it to gray, blue, red, green, yellow, orange and brown. portrait mode of the Oppo A5S is unique in the sense that it uses the off-screen whiteboard to guide you through the different shades.

Another feature of the Oppo A5S is its 2.5D immersive display. This functions similarly to that of a virtual reality headset. When you put on the headset, you are able to clearly see the text on your screen. You can also customize the color and clarity of the text so that it looks like what you see in real life.

If you want to take more than just pictures with the Oppo A5S, you can do so by enabling the burst mode. With this, you will be able to shoot several images in a short period of time. To enable the burst mode, you need to first turn on the airplane mode. You also have to make sure that the memory of the phone is already exhausted. You then have to connect your device to the computer via Bluetooth. After that, you can use the upload software of the smartphone to transfer the files.

One of the latest features of the Oppo A5S is its ability to retain the data for over two weeks. With this amazing feature, you do not have to wait for your smartphone’s memory to get exhausted. Just like other leading smartphones, the Oppo A5S also comes with two different coloros. The first one is the light gray color which has a resolution of 401 ppi. The second color is the vivid red color which is equipped with a high contrast ratio for better visual clarity.