That was to bring to a close

Bridge was built including the Oakland San Francisco Bay Bridge. That was to bring to a close the go back and forth problems of an escalating Bay Area population. Nevertheless, one thing for sure is these bridges always provide us and give a daily approach for crossing over to many parts of the Bay Area, but it hasn’t solved the bottleneck and what seems to beĀ  immeasurable waiting to get across the bridges.

A suggestion to answer the overburden and to give some simplicity was to figure a carpool path and to let various bridges to set in motion as to how many commuters per automobile are required to be inside the motor vehicle when crossing without waiting or pay a stiff fee in the form of a traffic violation. Few bridges have set it for two or more, but the Bay Bridge has set this limit for three or more persons per automobile. Although this has solved congestion and still does today, the carpool lanes are limited to times of crossings. This is especially critical for two timings – one morning and the other is afternoon. Usually the 7 AM to 10 AM time mixed with the traffic towards the cities and the afternoon carpool lanes are set for leading out of the cities going in the direction of home.


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